Our approach

There are many reasons that our projects deliver more for our clients. It’s down to our approach:

Product ownership

Great software starts with a crystal clear vision.


Clear communication is the key to great software.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence is a combination of talent, processes and culture.

Change management

Bring the whole team on the journey.

Product ownership:
Creating the shared vision

We work with you at board level to set the software vision – together we agree the outline of your ideal project and the value that this will add to your business.

A clearly communicated vision of what is required – and how you will benefit from this – is the cornerstone to any successful project.

We excel at turning business needs into a clear software vision, along with quantified benefits for your business and the project cost – stating the business case for the project.


At the heart of any successful software project is clear and transparent communication. We’re great communicators! (not so common for techies!) We will keep you and your team up to speed with the project from day one till the day we’re done.

Beyond agile

We have developed our own methodology, based on agile, that builds agility and innovation into our projects. We communicate continuously with you throughout the project. This continuous dialogue allows us to adjust and improve the specification right up to the last day of development &ndash leading to outstanding, customised software.

Management oversight

We have our own internal software and processes giving our clients accurate management reporting on their projects. Each week we can show you exactly how your project progresses according to the schedule – helping you plan the project into your business cycle and giving you peace of mind that everything is on track.

Technical excellence

Talent, systems and processes are what make a Condaal project special

Beyond agile

We have developed our own methodology, based on agile, that builds agility and innovation into our projects. This allows us to clearly communicate project progress to you and your team.

Test driven development

All our code is unit tested before being released, ensuring that developement does not slow down as the project grows larger.

Our outstanding CTO

Edwin has been there, seen it, done it. Coding since the age of six, he has worked on a wide variety of software platforms and has created technical masterpieces at each business he has worked for, adding staggering value to SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses alike.

Edwin is the software artist that makes Condaal’s sofware special.

Change management – helping your team join us on the journey

Our software creates large, positive changes to our clients’ working environments.

Technological change is a huge growth opportunity, but careful management of this change is essential to the project’s success.

Your team’s perceptions will determine the levels of project success or failure as much as the quality of the software.

We are experts in change management. We work closely with you to help all staff to buy in to the new system. We support you to communicate the project vision, educate your people across their varied roles and provide effective channels for feedback.

Our change management expertise ensures your team joins us on the journey to an improved business.

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